By Nora Zelevansky / July 26th, 2010

Picture 20

On a very fateful day, many years ago, I went walking around my neighborhood and happened upon an amazing shop called Vintageweave Interiors on Fairfax.  Basically, it's a home and gift store, although that's selling it short, as it's really so much more.

Essentially, lovely owner Kathy Delgado has this unbelievable eye for beautiful things and travels around the world collecting unique items.  The store itself is like organized chaos, made to look and feel a bit like sorting through a Parisian flea market (if every single item at the market was a find).  She also creates these elaborate gift baskets for clients from studios to actors etc.

ANYWAY, I have everything from beautiful vintage pillows to lavender stuffed heating pads and amazing soaps and candles from the store.  But maybe my most favorite find of all is these above Two's Company Home-Chic-Home Zipper Seal Storage Bags (a.k.a. pretty Ziploc bags).  I even covered them years ago for Variety's Stylephile blog and the store for LA Magazine.

To this day, I don't wrap the majority of my presents for people.  I just roll whatever it is up in tissue paper and fold it inside one of these pretty Ziploc-style bags (in one of two sizes).  Seriously, my friends were just teasing me this weekend about my obsession.

Anyway, just as I was sadly coming to the end of my box of large ones, I discovered Tili bags too.  Basically, they're the same concept, but the patterns aren't quite as "bordello"-chic and Frenchie, but the colorful patterns are pretty and cheerful.

Anyway, most importantly, my Ziploc-like gift wrap obsession is validated more each day!  I was just ahead of my time … and lazy about wrapping.

xo – N.