By Nora Zelevansky / August 4th, 2009


Before I met Andrew, I thought I hated peanut butter.

Then he pointed out that, actually, I love peanut butter more than life itself.  At first, I denied the accusation, as if he'd argued that I liked something really gross like cilantro or mayonnaise.  After all, hating peanut butter was part of my identity, albeit one of those stupid parts that you hang onto for dear life even though it means absolutely nothing about you.  "I'm one of those people who hates onions blah blah blah.  Isn't that interesting and illuminating?" No.

Actually, I really don't like onions.  But anyway. 

Then I started to realize: I love Reeses Pieces above almost all other candy and, from amazing sweets shop Candy Alley in Brentwood, I'll inhale the peanut butter cups with caramel any day.  But it wasn't 'til I was on deadline and my computer committed suicide, sending me to my friend C.L.'s house to work, that I discovered the source of the confusion.  She told me to help myself to whatever was in her fridge, so at lunchtime I grabbed an orange soda (yum) and, because there was nothing else, a peanut butter sandwich.  But not just any peanut butter.  It was that crappy, bad-for-you fake kind of peanut butter like Peter Pan or Jiff.  And, lo and behold, I LOVED it.

It was then that I realized: I don't hate peanut butter.  I just hate that oily, nasty, crunchy health food store nasto mess that my parents fed me with honey.  Have you people never heard of jelly???

But bad for you peanut butter?  That is the stuff of Gods!

Anyway, I was blown away this week at the Whole Foods in Pasadena, when my sis and I discovered a "Blend Your Own" station.  She spotted it from a mile away.  We're talking almond butter, peanut butter, chocolate chips . . . the works.  And you blend it all fresh yourself.

I'm still not sure I like this kind.  I mean, the one bite I had tasted good, but who knows about longterm like?  Still, I am definitely impressed with the ingenuity.

In fact, I'll even forgive them for not selling Jiff.  Obviously someone at Whole Foods understands the human psyche: we just love to blend things ourselves.  One some level I guess it's like playing ice cream shop or something.  Too bad it's not fun when it's your actual job.

xo – N.

P.S. Speaking of great supermarkets, I checked out the new crazy huge Pavilions on Santa Monica with Claudette too and it's sort of awesome.  This is the time to go too: samples galore for the Grand Opening Celebration.  And that's what I call the ultimate poor-ISH ladies lunch out:)  Dahlink.