By Nora Zelevansky / March 13th, 2009

2009_03_13_dc_dossierGeren Lockhart (Geren Ford); DailyCandy's Crystal Meers & Fiance Casey Storm; Laura Freedman (Broken English)

The Best Link Today:

Last night's Daily Candy fete at SLS felt like the official start to Fashion Week, though Gen Art's big bash is tonight.  Blackburn + Sweetzer offers some in depth coverage of the very civilized event (I think we both loved that the party was in walking distance from our respective abodes).  Previously at SLS, I'd mostly hung in the Philippe Starck-designed Bazaar, which is a carnival-esque public salon with cotton candy machines (sometimes served with fois gras–weirdly tasty, though I'm not a fois gras gal), molecular gastronomy-inspired mixology cocktail carts, chocolate-covered Pop Rocks at the "pink and frothy" patisserie and eclectic oddball objects at design boutique Moss.

In fact, though I spent my wedding night at this hotel the night it opened, watched the Oscars here this year, attended an indulgent media dinner and even did a hard hat tour pre-opening, I'd never even seen the Garden Terrace, where DC's party went off.  Who knew?  Anyway, I got to hang with a lot of people I adore, who I only seldom get to see and then mostly for work.  Actually, rocking that yellow Dolan dress from my POCKET LINT "ABOUT" photo, I even ran into Jodie Dolan, who was a sweetie pie per usual and said she's super excited for the upcoming collection.  Also looking forward to checking out her new tee line soon–buzz on the street is bueno.

Sadly, B + S's accusation is quite true; I did guiltily snag one of the last gift bags (oops).  Walk over!  I'll share!  Well, the least I can do here is offer details about some of the contents with you, so ya'll know what the hipsters are gifting these socially-conscious days: Alterna Hemp with Organics hair products, Activate Energy vitamin water (which tastes just like slightly elevated agua, but which I think may actually effectively boost, as I'm suddenly feeling much less dumb), Alternative Vintage tees, Walter Mosley's The Long Fall (I do heart mysteries), DuWop eyeshadow, Foot Petals ball-of-foot cushions (a.k.a. cute Dr. Scholl's inserts), Fortnum & Mason's Afternoon Tea and White Sugar Cubes (which is exciting for me cause I'm a grandma tea addict), a Pinky Vodka I.O.U. and gift certificates towards Jimmy Jane products and treatments at new Ciel spa at SLS.

Really, though, B + S should be thanking me cause, most dangerously, the gift bag also included two large Milk & Krunchies Toffee Mix Crispy Treat (a rice crispy treat oddly named for D.J. AM–I guess it's his favorite?)  Anyway, I saved you from temptation; a temptation that was too great for me, as I already ate one before bed last night.  Oops.

That was another button flying off my pants.  Another one bites the dust.

xo – N.

LA (and beyond): THE BEST FROCKS (ON SALE)

By Nora Zelevansky / January 29th, 2009

0109BlogPicsDolanA0109BlogPicsDolan3A0109BlogPicsDolan2A0109BlogPicsDolan1A The perfect frock is invaluable in LA: paired with lovingly worn flip-flops and sunglasses in summer and textured tights, boots (back away from the Uggs, dude, it’s never that cold) and, for me, an unbelievably amazing Leigh & Luca scarf in cooler temps.  Last season dresses almost eclipsed jeans, at least in my closet.

So, it’s no surprise that Cali born and bred designer Jodie Dolan would have an enviable handle on the immaculately chic, but still Cali-lite, day-to-night, sassy, romantic, high class little frock (okay, and tops too–I couldn’t help but add one above).
Well, as indicated on her site, Dolan’s dresses are available all over LA.  But today and tomorrow (1/29-1/30), she’s having a sample sale. And her sales are NOT to be missed at 75%-off (click link for deets).
Seriously, I grabbed three dresses last time.  And, for the record, I never wear them with Uggs.
xo – N.
P.S. Look out for Dolan’s newest venture, Left Coast (a collection of inexpensive tees), which should ship in April!