Q & A: Beauty Question, Hyperpigmentation

By Nora Zelevansky / January 21st, 2009


QUESTION: (posed via “Ask Lifestyle Questions!” by anonymous, 1/21)

Hi, I have hyperpigment areas on my face from hormonal fluctuations. Can you recommend products to lighten these areas and make them go away forever?? Thanks!

ANSWER:  Ugh.  I hate those spots.  I get them too.  They make me feel prematurely geriatric, like I should live in a Boca Raton retirement village.  OKAY, here are some potential solutions:

1. Dermalogica just launched new technology for lightening sunspots and evening the overall tone of your skin called, ChromaWhiteTRx.  Basically, the approach is less of a band-aid than past products because it includes an entire regimen catered to this specific purpose.  So, the package includes a spot treatment (as you’d expect), but also a cleanser, vitamin C serum, exfoliant etc.  I guess that previous products only dealt with the top layer of skin, but, after researching, Dermalogica found that the spots would just reappear because darkening melanin collected under the surface. This product is meant to actually slow the production of melanin.  Anyway, worth a try?  An exec showed me the change in her own skin and it was pretty noticeable.  You have to be diligent about using the products though.  Also, you can head to a Dermalogica spa, where an esthetician may be able to prescribe the most beneficial products, if you don’t want to buy them all.

2. The above kit comes with an SPF 30, but if you (like me and many skincare experts) have developed an innate fear of sunblock (both because of toxins and acne breakouts), you can try out a mineral makeup (which has inherent sun protection) from lines like Laura Mercier, TRUE or the less pricey Physician’s Formula.  I’ve had great experiences with all three of these actually, BUT, since I’m really fair-skinned, I need extra coverage.  So, at the suggestion of a skincare insider, I’ve started using DDF Organic Sunblock with mineral makeup on top and I haven’t been breaking out from it at all.  And I was suspicious because I tend to have allergic reactions to”natural” products.

3. If you’ve got the cash and you’re in LA, head to Kate Somerville Skin Health Experts on beautiful Melrose Place (truly love!) and let them just zap it away in a few sessions.  I did just one session before my wedding and it made a HUGE difference.  Ask for Melissa!  (They also happen to have the world’s tastiest spa water–yum).  Can I ever not think about food?
xo – N.