By Nora Zelevansky / March 30th, 2009


You know what's the worst?

I mean, besides stressful Monday mornings, the down-sliding economy, people starving in Africa, Ann Coulter and Lacey on Hell's Kitchen (bye, bye).

The worst is when you eat something disguised in beige as healthy (in that it doesn't taste good enough to be bad) and the food ends up being really fattening.  I'm sure many of us can recall such an experience, perhaps with humus or protein bars or sunflower seeds or, my personal cross to bear, granola.  You eat a pound, feel virtuous and then, low and behold, you realize you've eaten the equivalent of a Double Cheeseburger Combo sans the yumminess.  So. Not. Cool.

Well, recently my love/hate frenemy affair with those fickle oats was resolved when I discovered Galaxy Granola at Whole Foods.  First of all, the Radically Raspberry flavor (my fave, despite the slightly lamo name) has chunks of freeze dried raspberries in it.  I love that stuff, but usually begrudge myself the pleasure because the containers at checkout are not cost effective when you eat the entire thing in fifteen seconds. (But how could anyone be expected to do anything else?  I mean, we're human, right?)

But, most significantly, this company replaces the usual cup of oil with "the juice of three apples."  I just like how they say that: eye of newt, hair of the dog that bit ya and the juice of three apples. Anyway, this granola is so so good and it's literally 1.5 grams of fat per serving instead of A MILLION in the normal kind.

Anyway, just passing on a happy tip.  I'll be eating my granola and thinking of you all this Monday morning, while I try not to dwell on Ann Coulter's existence.

xo – N.