By Nora Zelevansky / April 2nd, 2009

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The Best Link Today:

Anytime free hair treatments are offered, I feel like it's my obligation to report that information to you guys STAT.

So, let me tell you a little story: two and a half years ago, I wandered into Roman Salon's quaint little magnolia tree courtyard to interview the owner of this soon-to-open spot, Sheri Roman.  At the time, I was a blonde and had basically been that way (in some incarnation) since I was about 12-years-old.  A couple years of going from colorist to colorist, researching for articles, had left my blonde a bit yellow. Even low lights only stayed put for a couple weeks, before blending and bleaching out into the mass mustard.

Sheri couldn't even focus, while I talked to her.  In the end, I stopped mid-sentence and asked her what was preoccupying her.  "It's just, you're a redhead," Sheri asserted sweetly.  "I know you're blonde, but you should be a redhead."  It was a risky recommendation, as I was writing an article and going red from years of blonde is no small change (I mean, next to World Peace, what could be more important?).  And Sheri's specialty is all manner of blonde.

But, in the end, I LOVED it.  And I continue to love the color and the vibe of that unpretentious, but ever style-conscious salon.  Sure, they could name drop, but remain respectfully hush hush cause that's just how the classy girls do.

Which brings me to the free hair treatments: From 3pm to 6pm on Thursday, April 9th, Roman Salon is holding a "Client Appreciation Happy Hour," where they'll be offering complimentary Kerastase Conditioning Treatments.  The salon has a special relationship with the brand, which–in my humble opinion–might be the best hair product line out there.  So, RSVP quickly before they fill up.

Cause drinking champagne and having free hair treatments can never be bad; blonde, redhead or what have you.

xo – N.