By Nora Zelevansky / July 15th, 2010

Picture 81

I use hand and foot cream as all over moisturizer.  Contrary to popular belief, using lotions other than "as directed" in this particular way does not make you sprout random toes on your shoulders or anything like that.

Actually, a hand or foot-specific lotion is simply more viscous and thicker than the average body stuff and therefore more moisturizing, which is especially useful when it's all dry and desert-like here in L.A.

My two new OBSESSIONS in this department are quite different:

The blue one is a relatively new all natural Liz Earle "Foot Repair Moisturiser," which is made with shea butter (love!), avocado oil, peppermint and rosemary essential oils.  Earle's deeply respected products are made in England and this one is especially lovely, smelling as it does of mint and offering a little bit of that accompanying cooling sensation.  This is the best!

But then Jo Malone's" Vitamin E Nourishing Hand Treatment" is also the best, so that's confusing: We have two bests!  And they' both originate in Britain.  Maybe they have really dry skin there?  Anyway, this smells more perfume-like of "pomelo and cassis."  It's truly the most wonderful scent: A mix of fruitiness and something almost floral, but not too much of either.

I do wonder if the Vitamin E Body Balm might do the trick, as well.  Maybe I'll try that next, as I'm almost out of the Hand version.  Maybe I'll get really crazy and actually use both these products as intended, for my hands and feet alone.  After all, tomorrow is another day.

xo – N.