THE LINT COLLECTOR’S TRASHY TUESDAYS: The Reunion (a.k.a. Freaks & Geeks)

By Nora Zelevansky / July 27th, 2010

Picture 3

I'm sorry, but is this not the MOST genius picture ever???  Ali "Poker Face" McGee strikes again during Kasey's serenade!

I almost don't want to write anything else because it could never be better than the image above.  And yet … I can't quite control myself.

So, at the reunion a.k.a. The Men (Who Were Willing to Show Up) Tell All: In the deleted scenes, Roberto almost takes Ali's eye out with a champagne cork, which I kind of liked because they sort of seemed like normal people … almost.

Then, Ali and Chris Harrison can't figure out why Ali can't remember putting on an astronaut's helmet at the museum.  Apparently they also can't remember that she was consuming barrels of alcohol and probably blacking out nightly.  She says when she jokingly called for "Houston," she was actually trying to reach Chris H. for help (presumably because she was scared of Kasey, who she proceeded to keep around for several more weeks–gee, I wonder if the producers made her do that?).

Chris "phantom" N. was apparently as much of a nonentity as he seemed and, as usual, Chris L. is super funny in the talking heads, when he does an imitation of the guy.  Why can't he seem to translate that funniness into conversations with Ali?

Then they introduced the boys and Craig R. looks totally cocky and like, "I get laid now."  Which he probably does.  It also says that he is 27-years-old.  Really?  He looks like 40.

ANYWAY … then some guy I have never seen before named John or something yells at "The Weather Man" about outing Craig M. as "dangerous."  Um.  Why do you weirdos care?  Then hot Jesse says he would have knocked Craig M. out in another situation and I believe him and now I think he's even cuter.  How could Ali send him home and keep Kasey???  PRODUCERS???  They could have at least left us with the eye candy.

Lots of Justin babble.  We get it.  He's an a-hole.  Moving on.  Kasey's crazy.  Justin sucks.  Frank's confused.  The Weather Man is crazy annoying.  Kirk's a great guy.  Roberto and Chris L. have integrity. Everyone else was there for the right reasons (except for that John guy, who I'm pretty sure wasn't even really on the show).  Blah, blah, blah.

Then they talk about Frank.  And Ali–in a clip–actually says, "I thought I was going to spend the rest of my life with Frank."  So, that's that?  Do we think that she's going to pick no one cause he was the guy?  Some of you people in the "she's gonna pick no one" camp have started to sway me a little, but–at present–I still think she'll probably pick Roberto.

But that's just my opinion.

And, as a wise man named Kasey once said, "That's just my heart.  Jump in.  Stay a while."

xo – N.