By Nora Zelevansky / August 28th, 2009


Sometimes I think, as much as I love an amazing bag or pair of shoes, I love an amazing scarf even more.

No, you know what?  I really need to take that back.  Cause I really love bags and shoes.

Wow.  The depth I display sometimes is just unrivaled.

But, anyway, the point is that of all the scarves I love so very very dearly (and I do adore them), Leigh & Luca's are BY FAR my favorites.  Yup.  I love them even more than my Hermès (maybe cause my Hermès isn't the greatest size, but whatever).  You get the picture.  For me, they are the oh so elusive linchpins of my wardrobe.

Leigh & Luca's scarves are amazing: fabrics from milled cotton to the most delicate, softest cashmere, color combinations like camel and fluorescent pink or deep purple and turquoise and sizes large enough to double as airplane blankets (GENIUS!).  For obvious reasons, I covet a new version every season to suit my new mood.  I'm a moody lady, you know?  No, I'm not.  Yes, I am!

So, with that in mind, great news for fall: First of all, the spring and summer collection is now marked down on the site.  I want them all!  AND, best of all, in October the ladies will launch $99 recession-friendly versions (including the "Black & White Butterfly" version worn above).

Dear Scarf Gods,

Thank you for this generous bounty!


Now that I've imparted that bit of good news, I should also tell you that I'm on LINTing vacay through Labor Day and starting today.   Sorry Charlies, but the last few months have been fraught with craziness and sometimes a girl just needs a few days off.  Still, I promise to return with lots of fun news of interesting adventures and unexpected gems blah, blah, blah.

Ugh.  I really need a vacation.  I'm even sick of myself.

At least I promise to return with a little more patience and a lot more energy for writing this thingy I call La Lint de Pocket.  When I'm French.  That's when I call it that.  Okay????

So, I bid you all adieu with dreams of Leigh & Luca scarves dancing in our heads.  Happy, happy days ahead!  And may you buy many back-to-school L & L scarves!

xo – N.