LA (and beyond): THE BEST FROCKS (ON SALE)

By Nora Zelevansky / January 29th, 2009

0109BlogPicsDolanA0109BlogPicsDolan3A0109BlogPicsDolan2A0109BlogPicsDolan1A The perfect frock is invaluable in LA: paired with lovingly worn flip-flops and sunglasses in summer and textured tights, boots (back away from the Uggs, dude, it’s never that cold) and, for me, an unbelievably amazing Leigh & Luca scarf in cooler temps.  Last season dresses almost eclipsed jeans, at least in my closet.

So, it’s no surprise that Cali born and bred designer Jodie Dolan would have an enviable handle on the immaculately chic, but still Cali-lite, day-to-night, sassy, romantic, high class little frock (okay, and tops too–I couldn’t help but add one above).
Well, as indicated on her site, Dolan’s dresses are available all over LA.  But today and tomorrow (1/29-1/30), she’s having a sample sale. And her sales are NOT to be missed at 75%-off (click link for deets).
Seriously, I grabbed three dresses last time.  And, for the record, I never wear them with Uggs.
xo – N.
P.S. Look out for Dolan’s newest venture, Left Coast (a collection of inexpensive tees), which should ship in April!